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This collection of Lite-felt,Wool-felt,and Fur-felt hats exemplifies the adventurous attitude of the enterprising hero that inspired it. Best of all, our collection reflects a spirit that never goes out of style.

Official Indiana Jones Hat Collection

Indy's Lite-Felt/Crushable Hat
Style#: Indy #IJ557
Material: 100% Lite-Felt wool felt
Water Repellant and Crushable
Brim: 3"
Trim: Grograin ribbon
Sizes: S - XL
Color: Brown

Indy's Outback
Style#: Indy 555 Crushable
Material:Water-repellent 100% wool felt
Trim: Gator print,Leather Tails
Sizes: S - 2X
Color: Dark Olive
$60.00 (2X)

(*Prices subject to change without notice.)

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