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Welcome to our website of unique Mardi Gras and St.Patrick Day merchandise.
We are retail specialists of Official Mistretta Mardi Gras Tee Shirts,Vests,Boxer Shorts,
Socks,Jewelry, Neckwear,Suspenders,Caps,Hats,and much more.....

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Mardi Gras Colors

The Mardi Gras colors were selected as early as 1872 for the first Rex parade in honor of Grand Duke Alexis.
The Purple stands for "Justice", the Green for "Faith", and the Gold for "Power."

The Future dates of Mardi Gras are:
2017 - February 28
2018 - February 13
2019 - March 5
2020 - February 25
2021 - February 16
2022 - March 1

Mardi Gras Tidbits

Mardi Gras
French for Fat Tuesday, is the greatest Free show on Earth, and is always the day before Ash Wednesday,
which marks the beginning of Lent. The first organized parade began in 1837.
Officially, the Carnival season begins on the Feast of Epihany- January 6, the Twelfth Night after Christmas.
Epiphany celebrates the day the Three Kings visited the Christ Child and recognized him as the Messiah.
Mardi Gras organizations who give annual parades and balls.
Oldest Krewe is "Comus" 1857;
First Black Krewe is "Zulu" 1909;
First Women's Krewe was "Iris" 1917;
First Celebrity King is "Bacchus" 1968.
Boeuf Gras
"Fatted ox." Mardi Gras symbol of the last meat eaten before Lent.
They are collectable coins bearing Krewe name, year and parade theme.
Torches carried by dancing marchers to light nightime parades.
"King of Carnival."
Rex made his first appearance on February 13,1872.
Lundi Gras
"Fat Monday." It is always the night before the big day.
Rex who usually arrives by riverboat helps usher in the final 24 hours of Mardi Gras.
King Cake
It is an oval shped sugared pastry which is decorated with various toppings.
It originated in France around the 12th century. Usually inside is hidden a "baby doll."
The person who finds it buys the next King Cake.

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